dinsdag 15 september 2015

Rebuttal to Razorcake's unfair review of our album We Are Monsters

Rebuttal to Razorcake's unfair review of our album
We Are Monsters.

We are only now getting around to this because it's just not that important to us.

From the beginning lines of MP Johnson's review, it's clear he doesn't like grunge music 
("Even if you spent the early ‘90s worshipping bands from the Pacific Northwest and wearing the same flannel shirt every day until your armpits smelled like a pile of dead rats...").


That would be like asking me to review a country/western album or an opera. Ridiculous.

Okay, so we know that Johnson is going to try and not like this album, so it's really not all that surprising when he doesn't like it.

For some reason he picks a mindless, testosterone-fueled song like Stems (about a girl and her beautiful legs)... and then complains about the simple lyrics.

No mention of the brilliant and insightful lyrics of serious numbers like Welcome to Human Civilization or All The Things.

We checked some of Johnson's other reviews; apparently he doesn't like ANYTHING he reviews. While we certainly understand what it's like to be a cantankerous, malignant asshole, at least we are [more than] fair about the things we complain about, things that affect all of humanity.

We sent Razorcake a copy of our CD (at a cost of like €15 to us) in good faith. We didn't
necessarily expect a good review, but for some dumb reason we expected a fair one.
(Yeah, that was pretty foolish. We should have read our own lyrics!)

Fuck You Johnson,
Fuck You Razorcake. 
You obviously don't get it anyway.

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