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Shark Inferno: TASHIROJIMA

 Shark Inferno

Release date: August 16, 2016

11 new tracks.

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Available on CD with the album ŌKUNOSHIMA
 (The CD includes a lovely, 28-page booklet with lyrics.)
Featuring the lovely Georgina Horne as the kitty girl. 

Big Brother's Identifier Code


You can order the CD
directly from the band here (PayPal):

Shark Inferno on Bandcamp 

You can hear some of the album here:

Shark Inferno on Soundcloud


Because we had so many completed tracks left over from the Puncture sessions, we knew that the next recordings would give us enough for two albums.
Shark Inferno likes to explore duality, juxtaposition, sets of two. 
The initial plan was to put the "new" songs on Tashirojima and the Puncture sessions songs on Okunoshima.
then came the fateful day when the studio informed us that they had lost the 7 extra Punture tracks.
Lost them.
Meanwhile... Paulie Danger got cancer.
Of course, the studio offered to re-record the tracks at no cost. We even manged to sneak in an eighth song to boot.
When we laid out the song arrangement on paper, we noticed that the first letter of each song almost spelled out something interesting. So we moved two Okunoshima songs over to Tashirojima, and added the track Riot Pussy
Some of the extra post-cancer tracks didn't quite fit with the Bunny-Kitty theme, and they ended up on the Contamination album. 
And for the first time ever... on one song... six-string guitar.

Shark Inferno Tashirojima Okunoshima sessions
Shark Inferno Tashirojima Okunoshima sessions
Shark Inferno Tashirojima Okunoshima sessions

Catfight - Army Of Tigra - The Jessica Bunny Hop - Snow Bunnies Vs. Sex Kittens In An Epic Battle For The World - Transcender - Animal Farm - Riot Pussy - BIKINBOMBATOMICATOLL - Infernal Machines - Bunny Island Cartoon Theme Song - Stresschick

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