woensdag 20 juli 2016


 Shark Inferno
(Release date: August 6, 2016) 

5 new tracks
7 alternate mixes of previously released numbers
plus 2 bonus {raw mix} tracks

on the CD (limited edition of 100)
(The CD includes a lovely, 12-page booklet with lyrics.)

The CD comes with a cool sticker:

You can order the CD
directly from the band here:

Shark Inferno on Bandcamp

You can hear some of the album here:

Shark Inferno on Soundcloud

Music Is Dead - Cavewoman - When I Was Young - Urban Decay - Jesus Is A Punk Rocker - Infernal Machines - Retribution For The New Capitalism - Welcome To Human Civilization - Forgot To Shoot The President - The Bones Of brian Jones - All The Things - Planet Of The Apes - Full On Sonic Assault

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