woensdag 20 juli 2016


 Shark Inferno
(Release date: August 6, 2016) 

5 new tracks
7 alternate mixes of previously released numbers
plus 2 bonus {raw mix} tracks

on the CD (limited edition of 100)
(The CD includes a lovely, 12-page booklet with lyrics.)

Contamination is a collection of tracks that didn't fit in with the Tashirojima Okunoshima songs.
In addition, the band felt that some of the We Are Monsters original, raw mixes also had something to offer.

Also included are two raw-mix songs from the original, "lost" Puncture sessions.

The CD comes with a cool sticker:

You can order the CD
directly from the band here:

Shark Inferno on Bandcamp

You can hear some of the album here:

Shark Inferno on Soundcloud

Music Is Dead - Cavewoman - When I Was Young - Urban Decay - Jesus Is A Punk Rocker - Infernal Machines - Retribution For The New Capitalism - Welcome To Human Civilization - Forgot To Shoot The President - The Bones Of brian Jones - All The Things - Planet Of The Apes - Full On Sonic Assault

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