woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Anna V.'s The Black And White Album Review

Oh no! It's another Shark Inferno album review by Anna V...

The Black And White Album opens with Ultra Violet. I can so imagine this track opening their concerts if they
were performing live. With haunting female vocals and Paul Danger sounding like a singing villain.
The organ towards the end is a very pleasant surprise! I even wish it lasted longer, adding that to the song was GENIAL!

White Moloko Plus is filled with energy even has a bit of an aggressive sound, if Shark Inferno ever release a Best Of compilation this song will surely be included. It has it all=nice groove, rhythm, powerful drumming, awesome vocals and backing vocals of course!
Shimmering Darkness is a track I didn't appreciate at first. The more I listen to it the more I find myself getting sucked into this chill, laid back groovy atmosphere. Nice vocals combination!
The tribute to Poison Ivy has great vocals once again by Danger and energetic drumming by V-Raven.I would have the “meaow" thing differently IMHO... Song reaches its peak when Danger shouts "that girl knows how to rock !!"
Pink Tinglebox is a groovy, lazy, chaotic but in a good sense, stoner song that features a great solo by Danger. Ideal for closing your eyes and gently letting the sound take over.
Another Green World Painted Black sounds like something suitable to march to or a song that would be played at a protest. It has something very psychedelic going on with great guitar sound running through it.
Clockwork Orange Julius has all those wonderful psychedelic elements from the 70's but in this day and time.
Nice guitar riff one can almost see these two guys jamming and discovering an amazing sound and playing it in fascination.

Arrested 4 DWB is a song with those in power taking advantage of it and misusing it. Nice groove and drumming quite powerful track. The sirens at the end and Danger saying “you're the boogey man" are priceless!
No wonder Colorful Mermaid Eggs is so popular! There is no hint of any corny hawaiian sound yet makes me feel like I'm on a beach but during the night probably at some awesome party while this is playing. The way the words “mermaid eggs" are sung is fantastic!
Best track of the album IMO is Full-Spectrum Time Warp Baby! Great tune energy just pouring out, so powerful,
Paul's singing a-what I would call-biographical song and he's really feeling it! I can imagine all the instruments being destroyed after this! Backwards sound effect in this is amazing!
Edie Superstar (Slight Return) has a very different sound and is quite experimental. I think Dandy Warhols would have love having this on their Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia album. A very relaxing stoner sound.
Kafkapocalypse is what I call a trademark Shark Inferno song-any fan will love it from the 1st moment they hear
it! Once again we hear about the concern of how the world if now and the uncertainty we all experience.
Lead Grey Matter has a great stoner/grunge sound and together with the other three tracks that are only featured on the CD make the album a must have!
Famous For 15 Minutes... again presents a different face of Shark Inferno... A very nice tone voice over funky sounds and to top it all off there's a hidden track that messes with your head esp if you enjoy via headphones It's almost like taking drugs on a merry go round!
Shark Inferno should be very proud of their new baby and fans very pleased. For carrying a black an white title sure is colorful and we see the bands concern and interest in the world, politics, day to day life.

-- Anna V. 

Shark Inferno CD-Only Tracks

Have you ever wondered what great songs you are missing by NOT buying our CD'S?

 Shark Inferno
One Gold Guitar
Radiation Boy
My Own TV Show
Eric's 60 Seconds
Stay Off The Grid
Dragon Lady
Cure For Boredom
Sonic Smith, Man Or Myth?
Shoot Republicans, Not Children
Infernal Machines (alt. version raw mix)
When I Was Young (alt. version raw mix) 
Song 15
Edie Superstar (Slight Return)
Lead Grey Matter
International Velvet Silver Factory Blues
Famous For 15 Minutes In Glorious Technicolor 
silence (everything Shark Inferno likes about donald trump)
Lavender Panties
Reptilian Overlords
Sailing The Seas of Disease
Gingerbread Princess And  The Teddy Bear Mystery
The Vampire Lovers

An entire album's worth of music, basically.

vrijdag 10 februari 2017



Shark Inferno : The Black And White Album 

The Black And White Album on Bandcamp


For this album,the band made the move to a new and more modern studio, and the improvements are clear in the final result... a loving tribute to the girls of Andy Warhol's Silver Factory scene.
The CD includes a fabulous 28-page booklet
 featuring artwork by Candy Wild and Stephen Blickenstaff.

Emmeline Gasoline
 Shark Inferno portrait by Stephen Blickenstaff

 new Shark Inferno album, Ultra Violet, White Moloko Plus, Shimmering Darkness, Poison Ivy Green, Pink TInglebox, Another Green World Painted Black, Clockwork Orange Julius, Arrested 4 DWB, Colorful Mermaid eggs, Full-Spectrum Time Warp Baby, Edie Superstar (Slight Return), Kafkapocalypse (Code Red), Lead Grey Matter, International Velvet Silver Factory Blues, Famous For 15 Minutes In Glorious Technicolor