woensdag 18 oktober 2017

Shark Inferno CD-Only Tracks

Have you ever wondered what great songs you are missing by NOT buying our CD'S?

 Shark Inferno
One Gold Guitar
Radiation Boy
My Own TV Show
Eric's 60 Seconds
Stay Off The Grid
Dragon Lady
Cure For Boredom
Sonic Smith, Man Or Myth?
Shoot Republicans, Not Children
Infernal Machines (alt. version raw mix)
When I Was Young (alt. version raw mix) 
Song 15
Edie Superstar (Slight Return)
Lead Grey Matter
International Velvet Silver Factory Blues
Famous For 15 Minutes In Glorious Technicolor 
silence (everything Shark Inferno likes about donald trump)
Lavender Panties
Reptilian Overlords
Sailing The Seas of Disease
Gingerbread Princess And  The Teddy Bear Mystery
The Vampire Lovers

An entire album's worth of music, basically.

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